The advantages of working in a small company

TOEFL Essay Topic 47 - Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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The advantages of working in a small company

When I obtained the master degree at University, I had to decide which kind of company to work. My choice was to start working in a small company with only thirty employees and today I wouldn’t change my decision. I think, in fact, that a small company allows to improve your knowledge more than a large or multinational company. The reason I say this is because in a large company you don’t have the possibility to work in close contact with your manager that, in the major of cases, does not have time to follow in every task. In this way, your superior does not have the ability to know you both in terms of work and human aspect and you are only one of other employees.
In particular, the human aspect, in my opinion, is important when you consider the work environment. In a big company, you can’t create a strong relationship with other employees and you are often constrained to work individually. In a small company, on the contrary, is easier to relate with other people and there is the possibility to work in a team and not always alone.
Another reason to prefer a small company regards the work itself: a big company, indeed, is generally divided into several sections and when you are hired for a specific section, like sales or quality, your job is limited to your division, without the possibility to see nothing else.
On the other hand, a small company allows you to know many aspects or sections that compose the company itself.

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