The advantages of using online information

TOEFL Essay Topic 1066 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to use printed material such as books and articles to do research than it is to use the internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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The advantages of using online information

With the advent of informational revolution, human being have access to the intangible books on online. Some people may claim that the flood of the information has made it more difficult to obtain accurate data. I believe, however, when it comes to conducting a research, it is far more advantageous to students and scholars to take advantage of the internet.

First of all, the information on the internet can be accessed everywhere if you can connect to the internet. When doing a research, you need to accumlate and gain as much information as you can to boost the quolity of your research. In addition, If you use the information only from such material as books or some kinds of printed material, it is vertually impossible for you to get fresh and state-of-the-art information because, in general, books take more time to be published and available than the online material. Due to this quick availability of the information, the internet is more beneficial than the printed material.

Additionally, books and articles are not always available. When a publisher go bunkrupt, you can no longer have access to the information provided by the company even if the that is integral to your research. When I was in senior at Tokyo University, which is one of the most famous and prominent in Japan, I conducted a research with respect to the advantages and drawbacks of communism. At first I seched for a translated book written by Marx, economist in 19 century. Unfortunately, in Japan, the book was no longer available due to the managerial failure of publisher. This does not happen if the data of printed material is on the internet. I end up getting information on the internet. Thanks to that, I was able to receive credits on a required economic class. From my experience, I strongly believe the significance of online information.

Admittedly, the accuracy of the online information may be considered to be skeptical. There seem to be some truth to it, yet as long as we carefully select the information and confirm its source, you can reduce the resk of being deceived. What really matters here is how to use the information on the internet so as to make the most of its effectiveness.

All in all, the usefulness and advantages of the use of internet in the case of a reserch outweigh the printed material in that the appearance of online information is agile and books sometimes cannot be available bacause of various factors. It is thus advaisable and reccomendable to take advantage of the online information.

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