Temple of the Reclining Buddha

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Temple of the Reclining Buddha

During the holidays, I visited an interesting and peaceful place, Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

My eyesight was firstly caught by the blooming winter sweets planting on both sides of the thin dirt path. Stood under the grey sky, silence surrounded me. I enjoyed the peaceful feeling the temple gave me.

Walking down the path, I greeted the main building of the Temple. The walls were tall and there were painted dark red. As if telling me this is a serious place. Inside, a golden Buddha was shining in the dim light. Sitting steadily, he smiled to all the respecters. Many believes that if you believe in or give all your respect to the Buddha, he will keep you away from dangers and suffers and grant all your wishes. I kneeled down, called his name in my heart, and had a sudden feeling that the Buddha was looking at me kindly, saying “Go ahead, kid. Make a wish.” I realized deep in my heart that the Buddha was not so stern and serious after all. He was kind enough love all the creatures around the world. When I walked out with a heart full of great respect, he became a lucky charm of mine.

Later, I discovered a pool full of red– golden fish. Some says that golden fish means luck. Standing still, I stared at those lovely little creatures. The Buddha must be taking care of them too! I thought to myself. Beside me, a man suddenly pulled out a plastic bag filled of water, inside it was a red golden fish! He untied the bag and the fish disappeared into the pod water with a loud splash. I was surprised at first, but began to understand after a few seconds. All these fish were saved by kind people and were in this pool! My heart felt warm, and I loved this place more than anytime.

At last, it was evening. The winter sweets were still giving the charming smell, but I had to go. I felt so sad to leave this peaceful and kind place. So I promised myself that I will absolutely be here again.

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