telling the truth

TOEFL Essay Topic 704 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important considertion in any relationship between people.

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telling the truth

Most people think that is nesscessary about 2 people who have any relationship should be tell the truth always. In my opinion, I beleive that tell the truth all the times is not the most important factor for both by several reasons.

My first reason, people who have any relation such as coupling, friends or colleague should not tell the truth always. Sometimes the truth is horrible and make each other upset or broken down. That need suitable time and place to tell somethings truth. For example, my freind who his mother seriously ill knew his mother news for a week after his mother was admitted. That was because he might be lost his mind after heard.

My second one, sometimes, special occasion, we need to surpise each other. It is not surprise or excite at all if another one knows before. That means we have to lie to each other. Like a birthday party can not surprise us if we know and expect for what is happen, who will come, when we blow the candle. It is nescessary to lie to our partner for a good thing in sometimes.

The third one, we have many experiences in our life and some of them are terrible things. Of course, it have degree of terrible. Some of them we can tell the truth directly but some of them, a very sad story, we have to lie or change it to a happier one. For example, a girl who was raped and need it is a secret will not tell it to her friend. Because everyone have their privacy and do not tell the truth to others.

In summary, people are individuals that need privacy and need to keep somethings for any purpose such as secrete or surprise. The untruth is not harmful if it not make each other hurt physically or mentally. I beleive people need to tell the truth in most times but not all the times.

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