teenager and job

TOEFL Essay Topic 23 - In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

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teenager and job

Before growing into an independent adult that can fit well into the rapid changing world, all children need to learn a lot of things.Things like professional skills that can be learned from school, and others that can’t. Social skill is one of the things that can not be taught from school, since life for students are easy and simple: they seldom counter people who would do harm to them, because there’s no conflict of interest. But the work life, which is a totally new area for the fresh man of the society, is like jungle.

So, let teenager students have some working experiences before stepping into this jungle is definitely a great idea, as long as the job does not badly affect their school work, which is their duty at that time. Though I agree with having a job while studying in school, I strongly suggest that this should be carefully monitored by their parents. Working environment can be quiet complicate compared to those that offered by school, you don’t know the background of your colleague, and you can’t choose them. Parents shall be careful with who the children go out with, not to let them go astray.

There are many internship project that is particularly available to at school students. Which is a good opportunity for the students to gain more insight on the work life, and think about what are they going to be in the future. School teachers and parents often tell us what the work life is all about, that’s why we have to study hard, that’s why we have to learn this and that. But sometimes we can’t picture the things people been talking about until we feel it personally. So I guess most students can’t imagine that situation unless they face it by themselves. By the internship project, they can not only gain their work knowledge but also have time to deal with their schoolwork. They might become more dedicated to their learning after they find out that how little they know.

To conclude, getting a job is a good thing for students as long as the work loading is tolerable. They can preview what the work future can be, they can know how little they know for being a specific job and chase after it to gain more knowledge in this field, they can learn to deal with all kinds of situation that they would not encounter in school and thus get higher AQ. These are definitely great for them.

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