Technology and its impact on environment.

GRE Essay Topic 305 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "While most of the environmental problems we face result from the use of technology, society must depend upon technology to find solutions to these problems."

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Technology and its impact on environment.

This is an alarming issue that the advent of new technologies is creating a negative impact on the environment.Today world is facing with many problems with regard to environment.These are to be addressed other wise it is going to become even more worse.

The invention of new products and techniques provided the best comfort in various sectors of life , but at the same time it is showing a bad effect on the environmental conditions.

We can consider some examples and analyse the issues caused by technology.In olden days people used only paper bags for carrying things and when they are disposed they can be decomposed well in the soil.But with the new technologies we created plastic bags and throwing them recklessly will create bad impacts because they cannot be decomposed and they remain in the earth’s crust.But in the recent days with the help of new technology we are able to recycle them .
Another example is about the motor vehicles.Earlier there used to be less percent of population using motor vehicles and the amount of smoke released into the atmosphere was relatively less .But with the increased use of these vehicles it is creating a bad atmosphere and creating lot of health problems.Again here with help of advanced studies new hybrid vehicles are invented and their usage is encouraged.Using these will have better effects on the atmosphere.

So from number of the situations we come accross in our day to day life we understand that technology helps makind in many ways and if there are some adverse conditions because of new inventions there should always be an ongoing research to check the problems encountered.

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