TOEFL Essay Topic 83 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern technology is creating a single world culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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At this era there is incredible advances in the technology included different feilds of life such as in science, medicine, communication, engineering and so on. as a result of these all development the world become as small and single village, now a days we can’t feel with huge distances separator between countries, and consequently i completly agree with this statment for many reasons;

the great development in communication ways such as using internet which from it is name ”international network” indicates the great inffluence of it which make us to be easily communicate with many people at different parts of the world at any time by using chatting or e-mails,also invention like digital camera which allowed two chatting persons to see each other this also has great effect to feel that this person not setting faraway but you can feel that he is sitting in the same country. also great development of internet let people able to get uncosiderable amount of knowledge in any feild at any time for free or even with limited fees which is make research is very easy and also, save time and money.these all leading to huge revolution in many feilds of life.
also today there are mobiles which help you to call any person at any place in the world and also you can see him using video call option

secondly, great development in the transportation means like airoplans , undergrounds trains which move underground to avoid traffic jams these all now a days are become highly advanced help in trasporting people world wide in very easy and short time, this all give us feeling that the world become as small village and there is no difficulty to transport worldwide.
so as we see as a result of this great technology development the world become as single world.

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