Teachers are engineers of human souls. A Teacher is a person who spreads knowledge out among people. Some people

TOEFL Essay Topic 17 - Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

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Teachers are engineers of human souls. A Teacher is a person who spreads knowledge out among people. Some people

Teachers are engineers of human souls. A Teacher is a person who spreads knowledge out among people. Some people claim that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher but I do believe that it is always better to have a teacher for people. Among countless factors to indicate that people can learn better with a teacher, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows.

In first place, Teachers are professionals who have experienced special academic training for teaching. They not only know the subject knowledge but also be aware of the special characteristics of learners. We all know that teacher is imperative for younger learners because children are used to being told what to do. They still don’t have ability to study by themselves. They can learn more and better by direct way of teaching. This is why all parents want to send their children to good school to receive education because there are many competent teachers there. In the university, Students also like to learn with teachers because besides teaching the subject knowledge to students , teacher also can help students become problem solvers through questioning in classroom.

Another evidence is that adults like to learn with teacher. In modern society, scientific technology changes with every passing day which needs people keep learning. Otherwise they will be left behind. Though adults have more freedom in making decision many of them think that learn with teacher is the efficient way to get knowledge. That is why there are a variety of adult training classes or programs nowadays. In addition to teach knowledge teacher also can let the adult student feel more confidence and stick with the study.

Furthermore even for the older people, they like to learn with a teacher. A saying goes never to old to learn. For instance, there are two universities just for old people in my home city in China. My aunt takes a cooking class and a Tai-Chi ( a kind of Chinese exercise) class after retired. . She always says she can’t make it without teacher.

Indeed, learning by yourself can make it in your own schedule and you don’t need to yield to something you don’t like, but the advantages of learning with teacher overweigh its disadvantages because teacher are trying to get the best they can get and they want us to be best we can be. It is always better to have a teacher

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