Taking risks

TOEFL Essay Topic 51 - Some people believe that success in life comes from taking risks or chances. Others believe that success results from careful planning. In your opinion, what does success come from? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Taking risks

Some successful people in the world more or less have taken some risks. Others pay enough attention to their futuer and plan how to lead their live carefully. In my opinion, in oder to get success in life, taking risks or chances is more important than careful planning because unpredictable futuer can not be planned,and risks or chances sometimes provide us with big rewards. Moreover, if we lose the chances, that would also be good life, I think.

First, we can not predict everything happening in the future. Of course, some kinds of things, such as weather forecast or economical effects can be expectable because of improved technologies. However, no matter how we take care about our futuer, we can not expect completely what is happening even tomorrow. Needless to say, risks or chances are not predictable. However, they are valuable because of its rareness. If we want ot succeed in life, we needs to devote attention to unexpectable, but valuable risks or chances.

Second, risks or chances gives us a large rewards. For example, a person tries to start new nich business that is not offered by other existing companies. He thinks of the business as a wonderful idea, but also he notices that such nich business contains a big risk and chances to succeed. If he is a careful planner, he would do just the same business as existing ones and get a little profit. On the other hand, unless he begins the nich business and take such risks, he would never get a lot of demands from customers, and succeed in his life. Thanks to the brave to take a risk, he would get a chance to be successful.

Third, in case people lose the chances and get damages because of the risks, that is a good experience for their future. In other words, they get a experience to learn how to hundle their lives and get an opportunity to recover from the failing, which needs a lot of energy and intelligences. Although it is hard for them, what they obtain during the experience will lead success in their lives. Many well-planners would have such valuable experience.

On the whole, both types of leading life have advantages and disadvantages. I believe that taking risks or chances is a better way to success in life because of our unexpectable future that can not be planned, the big rewards from the risks, and the valuable experience if they fail.

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