What would you take and why?

Recently in modern society, people‚Äôs sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the neccesary items when they go on a trip. If asked, each would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I would take my cell phone as the additional item. Of course, there are many […]


Easier life with computers

A masterpiece invention of recent century, which has changed the whole earth inhabitants’ lives positively, is undoubtedly computer. Using computers has its own benefits and drawbacks. The following reasons related to advantages of the beneficial invention of twenty century. The first and most important reason is that computers made life easier, and help people to […]


Neighbor are good people

Neighbor are the one who live near us. as the statement suggest, a good neighbor should has some vital qualities in order to make good relationship. I would like to discuss this point further in three main paragraphs. In the first place, a good relation between us and our neighbor is most important thing for […]


Forests and environment

Forests represent a fundamental element for the life on the earth, as they are responsible for a significant influence on climate. Thus, I strongly agree that their destruction would drastically affect our lives and the impact would not be a positive one. Since the last century, there has been a rising number of areas in […]