Presentation of a place visually

Presentation of a place visually is the most important aspect of most important aspect.Cleanliness,architecture and unique appearance are integral components of visual presentation.People are likely to use image search engine to find travel photos of possible destinations and make a judgement in a matter of seconds.Nobody wants to travel to a place with undistinguished cityscapes,let […]


I prefer to traveling alone

Although I feel loneliness when I travel alone, I prefer to traveling alone. I can mentions two factor to support my idea; the flexibility of travel and the concentration on my travel. To begin with, one advantage of traveling alone is flexibility to make my time schedule. Basically, I can go anywhere and anytime while […]


Travel with a tour guide

Those who like free time for their travel think that the best way to travel is travel without a group guide. However, I agree with the statement; the best travel is led by a tour guide with a group. There are two reasons I think so; time efficiency, and affluent information from a tour guide. […]


What would you take and why?

Recently in modern society, people‚Äôs sense of values have been more diverse, and they have various opinions as to the neccesary items when they go on a trip. If asked, each would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. However, I would take my cell phone as the additional item. Of course, there are many […]


World Tour Theme Park

In the corporate planning memorandum, the author recommends the company to invest in an international themed amusement park located in the capital city. The amusement park will contain replica of famous foreign buildings and rides that have international themes. The memo predicts that this new park will be a huge hit and will attract many […]



Traveling have always been one of the most fun and enjoyable ways to relax and free people from arduous works and complex social connections. Many people prefer to travel by following a tour guide in a group while others have a more pleasant association to travel freely just by their will. There are considerations and […]


Preparing for a trip

Preparing for trip is the hardest part of it. I admit that it is a tough decision to choose necessary items because carrying all stuff is a hinder in the trip. Although for some people it may seem unessential and heavy, I prefer to take my professional camera. Even if I have to reduce my […]


How to use a sum of money

Some people prefer to spend their money on something valuable whereas the others think it is better to spend it for personal enjoyments. Sometimes the correct decision is really difficult and we have to evaluate situations. In my opinion, if someone does not have his own car, he should purchase one instead of wasting it. […]