In general, people are attracted by a new, a modern thing. and it is natural for mayor to think that a city replace old, historic building with modern buildings. However, I disagree with this idea, and I believe that a city preserve its historic buildings since historic buildings themselves have the distinct value more than […]



Congestion is a big problem in modern cities. Some people argue that increasing tax on private transportation could reduce traffic jams on the roads. This essay will show how this is possible and how increasing the level of public transport could help in this situation. Firstly, the increase of tax for private vehicles could decrease […]



A glance at people attitude toward transportation vehicles brings to light a question that has provoked discussions several times, that is, which one serves more to human beings. In the past decades, technology improved our lives dramatically and made a lot of things possible for us. Each of them has specific role in the modern […]


City and village

City and village are two main kind of habitats for human beings on this plant, and each of them has its own merits and demerits. Thus, this situation has triggered a heated debate: which one of them is more comfortable for citizen to live in. As for me, compared with rural life, city life is […]



The recent years witness the aggressive development of Internet, without which modern people seem unable to survive. Governments of all countries are devoting lots of money to improve Internet access. However, I believe that despite the importance of Internet in our lives, governments should set the development of public transportation as priority. Public transportation brings […]


Automobiles greatly change our life

It goes without dispute that the invention of automobiles in the 19th century has significantly altered the way people transport, produce and even live. As far as I’m concerned, in particular, automobiles not only sprung up and offered a new kind of transportation, but also boosted the industry and production worldwide, greatly changing people’s lifestyle. […]


You can come to Beijing

Dear Columpus Columbus Hi, I am your friend David from Beijing. As you said, you will move to Mohe next month. I suggest you to come to Beijing instead of Mohe. Mohe is the northernmost city in China. You need hours from Mohe to Harbin. The transportation takes long time. Also, the weather is terrible […]



Various inventions exist in the twentieth century, and some of them change our lives, our values, and our environment completely different from the past. In my opinion, the car is the most important invention that changed our world, because it dramatically changed our transportation systems, our environment, and city landscapes. First of all, the appearance […]