LASIK surgery

The primary position that is taken in the reading passage is that the government should ban LASIK surgery until some research can guarantee good results for patients. On the other hand, in the lecture, the professor argues that these laser eye surgery procedures are safe and effective. First of all, in the reading, the author […]


Benefits of long-term, realistic goals

Usually, young people have the necessary drive force to achieve what they desire, they lack the experience and understanding of what it is that they desire. Hence, they should be encouraged to define realistic and long-term goals to their life through proper thinking and time devotion, instead of seeking immediate fame and recognition. While it […]


Work for money

A lot of adults spend most of their time on working. Some people might choose their jobs according to their high salaries, and others might choose them just because they are fun. I firmly believe that selecting a job which you feel satisfied in is imperative for you to live a better life for the […]


Foreign Aid

Over a century, human beings, especially in developed countries, have caused disastrous environmental problems in the World. Nowadays it is recognized as the issue that needs to be prevented in the future. Among various kind of environmental problems, global warming is regarded as one of the most critical issue. One possible way to weaken the […]


Luck versus hard work

Everyone is surely inclined to achieve success in their life. Whereas some people take the attitude that luck can afford to bring success; others, including myself, fully endorse the idea that success is mostly a matter of effort and hard work. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following […]



Every organisation requires both types of employees i.e those who employees who have experience in their field and those employees who have just started their career. If I were an employer, I would pick employees that have no experience and work at low salary. This is because of the following reasons. First, any employee’s salary […]



Competitive-probably the most used term today in this “competitive” world. Many times, we see people being judged based on their performance in any competition. This is because it has widely become a tool to measure the quality of a person with another. Interestingly, the world competitive doesn’t apply everywhere and is probably being misused by […]