Clothes on people’s behaviour

In this modern society, people’s sense of values has been more diverse and they have various opinions as to the influence of the clothes on the people’s behaviors. Some people argue that people behave differently when they wear different clothes. Others contend that people behave in the same way even if they wear different clothes. […]


Learning about history

Nowadays, people’s sense of value have been diverse, various opinion exist toward the topic statement that learning about the past has no value. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that learning about the past is valuable for those of us living in present. I have two reasons. First and foremost, since people […]


Friends who are similar

Although different people will have diverse points of views for this question, I personally prefer to have friends who are similar to myself. I would like to give detailed explanations on my answer in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, if I am with friends with similar characteristics, we are able to get along with […]


Boys and girls should go to separate schools

In the grown-up world, the ability to understand different point of view and get along with both female and male is important. Co-education gives an opportunity for children to interact with different gender people and thus helps children better equipped for the future. Interaction with different gender people can be a distraction for studying, but […]


Motorcycle Noise

In the business section of the local newspaper, the author attempts to analyze why a foreign version of a popular product Motorcycle X is not selling well in the US market. Some have suggested that it is due to the fact that the foreign copycat version lacks the exceptionally loud noise made by motorcycle X. […]


Managing money

Needless to say, money is imperative. Everything you need to do requires a certain amount of money. In this situation, should we need to learn how to manage money at a young age to responsible adults? In my opinion, it is better for us to decide how to use our money for ourselves as early […]