To be honest or not

In this day and age, many people claim that being honest may hurt others in some way.For instance, telling the patient he will die next Wednesday would be a cruel and inhumane thing. I don’t deny this point but there is no doubt that honesty is the most important characteristic for a team leader for […]


Potential study efficiency

In contemporary society, much ink has been spilled about potential study efficiency, and some assert that students will learn better when in groups. A considerable number of opponents, however, argue that working alone is a more effective way to improve students’ academic performance. As far as I am concerned, the former statement aligns more closely […]


Some people may say that a gift that helps children with studying is better for children. However, in my opinion,

Some people may say that a gift that helps children with studying is better for children. However, in my opinion, a gift that can be used to play with friends brings betterment to children’s development for the following reasons. First, a gift that is used when children play with friends will foster children’s capabilities to […]


Individual or teamwork.

From a very ancient time, people realised the importance of cooperation and started working in unity. This in turn fostered understanding and trust among the team members which is good for individual development. Even today, teamwork is highly regarded as a virtue. People are often asked in interviews if they are good team players, can […]


Essay on skilled employees

The argument states that employees who are very ambitious, motivated and self-sufficient do not bring any advantage to an organization that is mainly based on teamwork. Moreover, those people will, in most cases, be harmful and affect negatively the organization as a whole. Stated in this way, the argument fails to take into account several […]



What is required for a co-worker is different from one sector to another. For example, it changes between firefighters and IT engineers. It also differs from the position that one occupies. The requirements for a manager are different from those required for his subordinates. Here, I would like to choose two characteristics for workers working […]


Teamworking skill

In our days, people have to choose between working in a group or individually. Someone chooses because of his character while others choose by their responsabilities that they have to in a group. Both have the advantages and disavantages which I will describe them in the stated bellow. First, people that are working in a […]


teamwork tpo33

School projects are one of the important part of our education since they help us learn actively and have a great effect on our future jobs.Altough some may believe working alone on projects is better maybe bacause of the concentration they have, I personally believe doing projects in group have more benefits than doing them […]


virtue of teamwork

As the passage goes throgh this theory that “Team work might be more efficent and has benefits over individuals” lectrure adrress a doubt that express some problem might be happinig in spite of the real example he mentioned. These argument goes as follows: First , as passage show us how TEAMWORK can have advantagese of […]