In the report, it is recommended that all colleges and universities adopt honor codes which Groveton has dopted to avoid cheating among students. To support this recommandation, the reporter cites some facts involving Groveton College and a recent survey. However, in order for those evidence to lend credence to this conclusion, questions must be anweres […]


Salaries of professors

Nowadays, the quality of education has been increasingly integral to our lives. Some people believe that universities should increase salaries paid to university professors to enhance this quality, whereas others may disagree. In my view, it is imperative to pay higher remuneration to teachers at universities to improve the quality of education. To begin with, […]


Let them work

Some people think that teenage students should not have the jobs while they are students. However, I strongly believe that the teenagers should get job experience during they are students. In order to describe why I insist that, I would like to use the following reasons. First of all, the experience brought by the part-time […]


University tutors

Before freshemen step into the campus of a university, there might be a provision in their mind, an imagination of what the university should be like derived from the indirect information sources such as newspapers, televisions and their high school teachers. However, the picture they depict usually fails to match the reality in university. In […]



There are numerous factors that influence a child’s development. Among them, two of the most important would be parents and teachers. I believe, however, that good teachers are much more important than good parents to a child’s development. The most important reason is that good teachers can guide a child’s development for much longer than […]


You can come to Beijing

Dear Columpus Columbus Hi, I am your friend David from Beijing. As you said, you will move to Mohe next month. I suggest you to come to Beijing instead of Mohe. Mohe is the northernmost city in China. You need hours from Mohe to Harbin. The transportation takes long time. Also, the weather is terrible […]


Students’ grade

Contrary to these people’s opinion is my perspective that students’ final grade should be based on the performance on numerous small assignments, due to the acquisition of more knowledge and the experience of less pressure. What must be prioritized is that dealing with sufficient assignments, unlike coping with a large one, can lead to more […]


Inversting or hire teachers?

In this day and age, varieties of ways can be available for universities to choose to improve comprehensive strength, like investing more facilities or hiring famous teachers. It is undeniable that advanced facilities can provide comfortable and convenient areas for study and conference. However, compared with building new libraries and laboratories, hiring famous teachers has […]


Classes invovling participation and discussion are more effective

Education methodology always varies among different teachers. Some teachers pay more attention to lecturing while others contend that students’ participation in the class is more important. I tend to agree that classes with various forms of involvement and communication are more effective. Firstly, classes involving group discussions, project debates and interaction with teachers and classmates […]