In the report, it is recommended that all colleges and universities adopt honor codes which Groveton has dopted to avoid cheating among students. To support this recommandation, the reporter cites some facts involving Groveton College and a recent survey. However, in order for those evidence to lend credence to this conclusion, questions must be anweres […]


Employees and their problem

The argument above state about a survey which was conducted for the employees in company X to know the important improvement needed in the company. The responded employees has given improvement in the communication between the management and the employees the highest ranking .And therefore the company has instituted a regular communication session in which […]


The argument attributes the decrease

The argument attributes the decrease of the number of shoppers and the increase of litter as well as vandalism to the popularity of skateboarding in Central Plaza. However, the author’s reasoning is not cogent enough to champion his claim to prohibit skateboarding in the Central Plaza. When considering reasons that incur the decline of customers, […]


Sports activities or libraries

Some people think that universities should give same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Other people think that universities should give more money to their university libraries than to their students’ sports activities. If asked, they would present compelling arguments to corroborate to their assertions. In […]


Newspaper Coverage

In the memo above from the publisher to the staff of Clarion, the publisher claims that the newspaper should consistently devote a greater proportion of space in all editions of the Clarion in order to increase circulation and profit. The premise of this claim is based on the fact that in a recent survey taken […]


Memorandum of reel magazine

In a memorandum from the marketing department of Reel magazine, it denoted the results and findings of the survey, which tried to find out the reasons why people cancelled their subscription. The survey showed that many people who answered the survey felt Reel magazine has too much advertisement, thereby Reel magazine concluded it can win […]


Milk and dairy product

  In this argument ,the arguer concludes that a diet rich in dairy products may increase,instead of decreasing the risk of osteoporosis,alluding that we should limit the consume of such products for health’s sake,To support this conclusion, the arguer cites the result of a study that those who have consisitantly consumed dairy products are more vulnerable […]


Sartoria clothing insustry is at risk?

While it may be true that most of the respondents are dissatisfied with current clothing prices in the country of Sartoria but the author’s argument does not make a cogent case for the reduction in clothing prices by clothing manufacturers. The author’s argument is rife with holes and assumptions and unwarranted indications to state that […]


HR Dilemma

The HR Director’s memo to the executive officers of the company states that communication between employees and management, one of the important issues that has consistently ranked on top of a list of possible improvements based on employee surveys, has been resolved. The memo claims that after the survey was conducted, the company has since […]