Foley College

The author in the above argument is discussing about student enrollment issue in an arts college ,named as Foley College.He suggests that promising jobs after graduation from Foley college would compete the college from other well named schools.Futhermore,he assumes that choosing a career path during first year of college along with a promised job after […]



Some people think that saving up money for their later life is a better option than using it right after they have earned it. However, in my opinion, making use of the money you have earned can lead to a better life than keeping it in a bank account. To begin with, investing the money […]



In this high competitive society, it is difficult for a individual to gain success without cooperation with others. Learning how to communicate with colleagues, including how to be on board with criticism from others, has gradually become a must-have quality for every worker. This phenomenon has triggered a interesting discussion: does the ability to accept […]


People can have a successful life without money

Some people consider money indispensable to spend a successful life while others do not cling to have so much money. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that only people who earn a lot of money are successful. I will explain my opinion with […]



Everyone’s goal is to be successful,and each person has his own way to define success;However,there are also various kinds of ways for people to make it.One may think success comes from courage of tasking risks ,another may think that success comes from consideration of making plans ,and the other could consider that success comes from […]


Hippocrene Plumbing Supply

In the local newspaper, an article concludes Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is running a successful path and Cumquat café is running a contrary path. The articles reasoning is based on the facts that Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is opening a new store in a different location and Cumquat Café is dropping its sales volume. Though article’s claim […]


Musical rock group

In a proposal from the new manager regarding a musical rock group called Zapped, the manager appealed the importance of name recognition in order to succeed financially. In an attempt to support his idea, the manager recites the example of the rock group called Zonked. Stated in this way, the argument is flawed in three […]


Success in life

Some successful people in the world more or less have taken some risks. Others pay enough attention to their future and plan how to lead their lives carefully. In my opinion, to get success in life, taking risks or chances is more important than careful planning because unpredictable future cannot be planned, and risks or […]


Sportsmen’s income

In contemporary society, much ink has been spilled about sportsmen’s incomes, some assert that athletes such as football and basketball players have much less impact on social development when compared with scientists, so their salaries ought to be chopped. A considerable number of opponents, however, argue that professional athletes deserve what they earn owing to […]


Personal enjoyment

Nowadays, there is a controversial debate about spending time on personal enjoyment or important tasks. Some youth prefer to follow their hobbies and have some fun times whereas adults believe that children have some responsibilities which need their attention. In my opinion a balance between work and rest is a subtle point we should notice. […]