Why people attend university

Universities are commonly recognized as the hall of knowledge and thus many people choose to attend a university after their graduation from senior high school. I think that people attend university or college meanly for three reasons: the pursue for more profound knowledge, to experience different kinds of life and to find what they really […]


Clearly the main conclusion of the passage the loss of the revenue due to reduced viewers for that television might

Clearly the main conclusion of the passage the loss of the revenue due to reduced viewers for that television might have several other reasons than the reduced time for the local news and weather forecast. First of all people in different cities go to bed on different time, specially in a small town like Houghton,MI […]


transit shuttle

The editorial above claims that since commuter use of the shuttle buses that transport people to the subway stations is below projection, the shuttle company must either reduce the shuttle bus fares or increase the price of parking at subway stations. However, this argument contains logical fallacies and overlooks other factors that could have contributed […]


GRE Practice Test 1 Topic

The argument made by the author about a TV station is making several implied assumptions, and lacking specific data facts to prove its merit. The basic premise of the argument is that maybe the television channel is aired only locally. It is however, unclear by just reading this extract whether the channel is just local […]


local news

While it may be true that dwindling the devoted time to national news and increasing the time for weather and local news could improve the television station revenue, the author fails to make a cogent case to prove this. It is easy to understand why number of viewers is important to any broadcasting station, but […]


Subway transit and the commuter

Public transportation play a major role in any modern city to solve the problem of traffic and its consequence affecting society’s resources such as health, traffic accident. Commuter use of the subway exceeding company’s projects show that it’s a good and effective choice of daily traveling. However to solve the drawback in the transit of […]


Local news coverage

The business manager of the television station has rushed to certain conclusions about what is happening in the company, these conclusions however need proper and sufficient evidence to back them up. The television station possibly does not just broadcast locally and thus national news would be more convinient if it takes the bulk of the […]