It is common phenomenon that advertisements are modified to be appealing to people by adding false facts in them. In my opinion, this situation is supposed to shut down by government carrying out corresponding law. There are two major disadvantages that can have bad effect on both the company and society. By adding fake information […]


Complain in person

These days, there is a growing awareness of the way of complaining. Different people have different ways for complaining. However, while some people prefer to use writing such as letters and mailing to do it, I prefer to tell them in person. I have some reasons why I think so. First, writing takes so much […]


Be tolerant and be positive

There should be many discussion on what are the important qualities of a good roommate. Some will point out kindness or the open mind. However, I would insist that the most important qualities roommate must have are the mind for accepting the other roommate and being positive to anything, for the following reasons. First of […]


Study abroad

In this globalized world, students can choose the school even in other country. Although the reasons greatly differ from person to person, I would like to make my argument from two perspectives: the demand for a person who speaks two more languages and broadened perspective which gung-ho is coming to have. First and primary reason […]


Make quick decisions

Some people consider that it is not preferable to make decisions quickly, while others think that things go well when people make quick decisions. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that the decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. I will explain […]


Doing faster does not mean better

To have a successful community punctuality is important. It doesn’t mean to be hasty or hurry to do things. There is a enough time to do every duties except in emergency situation, so people who rash to do things may lose quality in their actions. Quality is the result of concentration, be hurry result in […]


The benefit of trying new things

Recently in modern society, people’s sense of values have been more diverse and they have various opinions as to importance of new methods. Some people prefer to stick to the conventional ways. Others take risk and adopt new methods. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to corroborate their assertions. As far as I […]