We can learn a lot from young people

It is frequently said we should respect senior people and learn a lot from them. However I definitely believe there are so many things we can learn from someone younger as well. I feel this way for 2 main reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. The first reason is that we have […]


college life

College years are absolutely the bestr time in one’s life. These years will be treasured for all my life. Although there must be some problems and even frustrations in the four years, I can not imeagine another stage in one’s life that is happier , more passionate, and more valuable than the years he or […]


Team Work or One man Army

The overemphasis of team work in businesses or organizations are truely justified. I completely diagree to the statement. Firstly we need to understand the importance of employees in any organization. The CEO alone cannot bring business, complete it, complete testing and do the delivery. The simple reason to divide work and forming teams have a […]



In a age of competitiveness, one should be able to apply his skills effectively. In order to achieve this effectiveness they should be motivated. With such skills they should also maintain the sincerity and see to that they don’t get carried away. Students should realize the talent and skills that they pursue. In this regard, […]


Students skills and principles

A skill developed without strong foundation on principles and beliefs – and without awareness of its implication and rightful purpose, is synonymous to a bomb in the hands of an eccentric terrorist. Its extreme significance will translate into detrimental consequence, as painfully observed through several experiences in the history of mankind. Hence I argue strongly […]


importance of money

To earn money in the job is important but it is not the only criteria for which one enters into the job.In my opinion their are certain other important things which gives fulfillment in the job. The charm of entering into the job of your choice gives job satisfaction,this gives immence pleasure and a sense […]