The internet makes your lives better

There are many differences between the way of my life and my parents. Among them, the biggest difference should be the existence of the internet. The internet made the way of your life much better than those of my parents’ generation. And the next generations would receive the benefit of it. I would like to […]


Internet changes the value

There should be a lot of topics to talk about what changes the 21st century would be brought. I strongly believe that this century will bring us a revolution in the mind of possession. To describe why I insist so, I would like to use the following reasons and examples. To begin, you do not […]


Be tolerant and be positive

There should be many discussion on what are the important qualities of a good roommate. Some will point out kindness or the open mind. However, I would insist that the most important qualities roommate must have are the mind for accepting the other roommate and being positive to anything, for the following reasons. First of […]


You can come to Beijing

Dear Columpus Columbus Hi, I am your friend David from Beijing. As you said, you will move to Mohe next month. I suggest you to come to Beijing instead of Mohe. Mohe is the northernmost city in China. You need hours from Mohe to Harbin. The transportation takes long time. Also, the weather is terrible […]


Modern Technology

With the new inventions and developments, technology has only brought us closer in various ways.Generally speaking, I believe Modern technology is creating a single world culture. First of all, it helps bringing people closer. The new social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others have linked us remotely. Earlier we used to write […]


Special presents

People love to receive presents. Any presents make us happy and pleased. In childhood, they might be teddy bears, yellow blankets, silver spoons and in adulthood, they might be watches, pens, shirts and so on. Among these gifts, some are special and memorized for long. I will provide reasons in the followings; Firstly, they are […]