Life span

People‚Äôs average life expectancy has icreased in recent years, it might because of the improvements in techology and medicals. Althogh the senior citizen can make contributation to the society, the proportion of the senior citizen has icreased in our society that is not a optimistic insituation. The society will face the challege when they become […]


We can learn a lot from young people

It is frequently said we should respect senior people and learn a lot from them. However I definitely believe there are so many things we can learn from someone younger as well. I feel this way for 2 main reasons, which will be explained in the following essay. The first reason is that we have […]


The suitable apartment

While the study regarding the usefulness of staircases provides a very dogmatic view, it does not present a cogent and expository argument. It is easy to understand why the study concludes that staircases in buildings are beneficial for promulgating well-being and health. However, the argument is rife with holes and assumptions, without any concrete evidence […]


kind of worker

In any corporate house or a business sector, the role of employees is considered very important. If i am given a chance to recruit some workers,definitely i would select the experienced even they have more demand of salary.For some reasons i would prefer experienced and skilled rather than inexperienced.Here, in this essay I explain the […]


test of toefl

It is difficult to decide stance on the proposition whether advice from senior friends is more valuable than that from friend of your same age. This is because some people uphold the statement while other may disagree with it, and both side will have logical reasons for their stances. However, I am totally convinced that […]


Health with pets

The author states that many medical studies have suggested that the older people having pets enjoy better health than the ones who dont. He also claims that those people suffer from a lesser risk of high blood pressure and and arthritis. In a way, he argues that the older people owning pets enjoy better health. […]


Teach the Teachers

The world has become flat, and teaching and learning can happen any place, any time. Kids teach their parents, workers teach their bosses, students teach their teachers. Knowledge is becoming the most valuable asset and at the same time fortunately is becoming increasingly easier to obtain. In my opinion, young people sometimes can be the […]