Luck and success

Nowadays, people have different views on whether we need luck in order to become successful. I strongly agree with this statement, because success is the result of dedication and hard work. First, people work hard in order to succeed in life. For example, I friend of mine has a real successful story because of the […]


Teaching Payment

Today, there are lots of way to teach something. Teacher have been using technology and also their resources to teach something to their student. However, teacher cannot influence student learning ability. Learning something depends on personal study and time. First of all, self-learning is most important thing to learn something. if a students did not […]


Schooling methodwertyhgfd

The argument that government should provide financial incentives to promote home schooling method as it showed significant improvement in students grade may seem logical at first glace. The argument would be valid , if all its premises were true. However, his conclusion relies on assumptions, for which no supporting evidence is given. First, the writer […]


Attend classes

There are some people who believe that going to classes should be optional for students. However, I strongly agree with the idea that university students should be required to attend every class for the following reasons. First of all, mandatory attendace allows students to became more industrious than missing some classes. For example, when I […]