Study of history or literature

Some people may say that the study of history or literature is quite important for school, but rather I believe that for students it is better to study science or mathematics at school, since science or mathematics are more practical to live in our society. The skill of mathematics is required for almost all occupations […]



In our times, the minute ramification of academic research is frequently criticized for the limited impact and qualified practicality. The specialization, however, is not necessarily linked to the breadth of reach or the practical applicability. Two correlations made in the given statement contain serious flaws and neither is true. First, the high level of specialization […]


In generally speaking, today’s schooling system have one long break in summer and two short breaks in winter and spring.

In generally speaking, today’s schooling system have one long break in summer and two short breaks in winter and spring. This topic provokes controversy whether schools shall lengthen a summer break while shorten others breaks, or shorten summer break and lengthen others. From my perspective, I agree with the idea of providing students one longer […]


Friends who are similar

Although different people will have diverse points of views for this question, I personally prefer to have friends who are similar to myself. I would like to give detailed explanations on my answer in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, if I am with friends with similar characteristics, we are able to get along with […]


Arts is more important

The debate over whether arts is more important than science has been raging for some time. Some deem that science such mathematics makes a difference on students’ intellectual development. However, I would say the exact opposite—for three reasons. First, studying arts such as history and literature will improve our critical thinking. Different from science, there […]


Importance of history and literature

There are probably many people disagree to this topic statement that studying history and literature is important than studying science and mathematics. However, I strongly believe that history and literature is much more essential for students. In this essay, I will give two reasons. First and foremost, learning history and literature is more useful to […]


Art and music in secondary school

With the development of science and technology, our world and society has involved into a dramatic change especially in educational pattern aspect. Government try to come up with a number of suggestions or even laws for promoting students’ comprehensive development. Under this situation, some people just say that all students should be required to study […]


Compare the way of your life with that of your parents

World changes so fast that we may not believe it. Science, technology, psychology and medicine are few aspects of life revolution. Different generations experience different situations, hobbies, ideas and customs which is strange and unaccustomed for others. Nor my generation’s way of life neither my parents’ is satisfying for the next generations. First of all, […]