There is a lot of people in the world, which makes difficult us to define what qualities are important as a good roommate, but I believe that of the significance as a good roommate is the person who has a better intelligence and follows the rules. In the school life, it will become good opportune […]


Books or computers

Books, which have played an important role to help students’ study are no-doubt necessary tools for school life. Having said, however, that if school has enough money, I believe that school should buy the enough computers for students from the following perspective; versatile of computers, and cost burden on students. Needless to say, the multi-function […]


Study of history or literature

Some people may say that the study of history or literature is quite important for school, but rather I believe that for students it is better to study science or mathematics at school, since science or mathematics are more practical to live in our society. The skill of mathematics is required for almost all occupations […]


School sports teams

The financial issues are plaguing our country,and school sports teams are not immune to it.While it is a well-known fact that the financial condition of art club and volunteering club is poor,very little is known about the school sports team suffering.For example, some sports teams have asked team members to bear some of the cost […]



Since forever, people have moved from countrysides to cities for several reasons. First of all, cities offer better job opportunities while in countrysides if you do not want to be a farmer there is not much you can do. In addition, young people who want to pursue a secondary education have to leave their hometown […]


How should school budgets be spend?

Every signle school suffer from its deficiency and need a lot of improvments. Some of them are richer than others but all of them can get better. Our school has its flaws too which need to take action to solve them. Our school require new blackboards and repairing chairs, the windows also need attention. Some […]


Playing computer games

Nowadays in Japan, where I live, many people believe that playing computer games has tangible benefits, and that children should not be prevented from using them. However, for the following reasons, it is my firm belief that we should impose restrictions on the availability and use of video games because the time spent on them […]



Some people believe that growing up in the countryside is more fulfilling for children than in a big city. However, I definitely disagree with this idea. I feel this way for main two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, big cities are likely to have better school. Basically, entering […]


Sports or libraries

Some people think that university should invest the same amount of money to its students’ sports activities as they offer to their university libraries. However, I strongly do not agree with this idea. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, university obtains nothing […]