Are people satisfied with what they have

Nowadays, many people are obsessed with getting new or different items, and some people argue that people are never satisfied with what they have. However, I do not support this viewpoint. Indeed, some people value what they have and try to own those things as long as they can. Today, it seems like all people […]


Employees and their problem

The argument above state about a survey which was conducted for the employees in company X to know the important improvement needed in the company. The responded employees has given improvement in the communication between the management and the employees the highest ranking .And therefore the company has instituted a regular communication session in which […]


People are satisfied or not

There are some people who disagree with the idea that people are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. However, I personally agree with this statement. In this essay I will present two reasons to support my opinion. First and foremost, once people reach their targets, they will […]


Controversy exists when we think about this question in daily life because there are some difficulties in deciding the balance

Controversy exists when we think about this question in daily life because there are some difficulties in deciding the balance between economic growth and saving money. However, I strongly agree with the statement from my experience. People can not avoid desiring something new because people have the desire to be complete something devoided, and they […]


Job satisfaction

In this day and age, much ink has been spilled out about whether a variety of types of tasks or similar ones could bring more satisfaction to workers. Some people claim that doing same jobs are easier, so that employees would become more satisfied. A large number of other people disagree, and argue that when […]


Honesty is the first

People, in the society, must work to earn a living no matter they are satisfied or not. All kind of work are needed to keep the world running normally. The different type of work will definitely have a different influence on workers. So when considering which types of work the workers are more satisfied, I […]


Grow up in the countryside or in a big city

To choose where to live is a very arduous quetion that many people have confronted with. Some people argue that people who dwell in the country are more satisfied that city people, so the country is still more suitable to living in. In my opinion, I stand side with this statement. To begin with, the […]


Job satisfaction and money

Most adults work to support themselves and some people might consider how much money they can earn is the most important factor when choosing a job. However, in my view, job satisfaction is more important because it enables you to live a happier life and to be more likely to be successful. First and foremost, […]


Work for money

A lot of adults spend most of their time on working. Some people might choose their jobs according to their high salaries, and others might choose them just because they are fun. I firmly believe that selecting a job which you feel satisfied in is imperative for you to live a better life for the […]