There is a lot of people in the world, which makes difficult us to define what qualities are important as a good roommate, but I believe that of the significance as a good roommate is the person who has a better intelligence and follows the rules. In the school life, it will become good opportune […]


Stop smoking in public

Are you a smoker? If so, why are you keep smoking? Are there any benefits to smoke a cigarette? Personally, I’ve never smoked in my life and I hate it. So, in my opinion, the rule people are not allowed to smoke in public spaces is good because of health, safety, and saving money. Firstly, […]


The surest indicator of a great nation

According to the speaker, the greatness of a nation should be defined not by the achievements of its rulers, artists, or scientists, but by the general welfare of all its people. Conceding that welfare should indeed be considered as an important indicator of great nation, I, however, do not share fundamental agreement with the speaker […]


Non-smoking rule

Today, more and more schools, office buildings, and other facilities have become to prohibit smoking. Some people welcome this change, while some other people claim it is too strict because the places people can smoke are limited widely. As for me, I am strongly convinced this kind of rule has several advantages; here are the […]


Children’s behavior

It’s irrefutable that children are vulnerable and need to be under strict control every time they do something or go somewhere. Due to that reason, their parents play a significant role in forming their understanding what is right and what is wrong. While growing up children can change their behavior, nature, temper rapidly. I am […]


flexible laws

When it comes to the issue that should be the law more flexible? Some people think that advantages of laws, which are changed according to the conditions, are more than that of fixed laws. However, others maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, each side has strengths and weaknesses. Before giving my […]


10,000-hours rules

According to the article 10000-hours rule, Goleman gave his opinions about how to make a person achieve to the top-level success. He not only has some similar ideas with Gladwell but also coming up with some novel views. Both of them believe practice and support are necessary elements to being professional in one area. Gladwell […]