The role of school

In these days, numbers and statistics have bigger voice than insubstantial aspects of our life. It is under this circumstance where the numerable academic achievement of each school has been stressed. At one extreme, some people argue that the role of school teacher is to just impart textbook knowledge to his/her pupils. However, this impoverished […]


Extended family today

There is no shortage of debate about whether today’s extended family still play a pivotal role or not. In my opinion, that the role of relatives was not crucial than it once was. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First of all, certain roles once […]


Role of hardwork for our success

People in our time have more opportunities to succeed but they also have to face more fatal competition. Success in every aspect of the society requires extraordinary efforts in addition to some luck and various kinds of social network since we are living in an age which emphasizes team work and cooperation between each other. […]


The role of school or college in cultivating students

The statement is flawed due to its downplaying the role of school or college in cultivating students, as far as I am concerned. It’s reasonable to associate personal discipline with great significance concerning learning knowledge, but there are still considerable students lacking motivation in need of timely and appropriate guidance from their teachers as well […]


Parent and teacher

It is common to argue about who should be the best teacher between family or school, indeed, this issue is born consequently at the lost of teachers’ importance. Nowadays parents have a crucial position in education while in the past was ordinary to combine the two figures. There are people against or in favor the […]


Person’s Worth

Nowadays, social networks and television play such an important role in society that they have created certain stereotypes which makes it difficult to determine what is really worth about a person. Therefore, social status is attributed by how many likes people have on their posts on Facebook or how many followers they have on Instagram. […]


Should the study of history emphasis on individuals

I concede that groups of people play more pivotal role than key individuals in some historical developments. However, I think we should also emphasis on individual contribution to history because they were more important than groups of people in other developments and inspired us in current life. Thus, I disagree with the claim that the […]