Duties at work

Nowadays, there is a hot debate about duties in work environment. Although some people prefer to repeat similar tasks all day long, others prefer to take risks, have different types of task and improve their skills. In my view, a creative job is better and assist me to stay happier. The foremost reason why I […]


It is common to see students already prepared for over ten years for a satisfying job. They attend university and

It is common to see students already prepared for over ten years for a satisfying job. They attend university and have numerous vocational practices just for a secure job. Nevertheless, in my perspective, it is more important to find a satisfying job than choosing a seemly secure job. With the consideration of the worse consequence, […]


Luck versus hard work

Everyone is surely inclined to achieve success in their life. Whereas some people take the attitude that luck can afford to bring success; others, including myself, fully endorse the idea that success is mostly a matter of effort and hard work. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following […]


Feature that successful people have

We are all interested to find out how successful people gain success. A majority of people claim that successful people tend to take risks and avoid only doing what they have already know. This statement is somewhat reliable since successful people indeed do something unusual. However, their unusual behavior is based on things that have […]


Try new things!

Some people would like to do things which they do well before, On the other hand some people would like try new things and take risks. As far as i am concerned I am agree with the second group of people. My argument for holding this opinion is based on the following three reasons. First, […]


success results from careful planning

According to some people, success in life comes from taking risks or chances. Whereas some others believe that success results from meticulous planning. In my view, success results through punctilious planning. The punctilious planning gives definite focus and well defined goals to achieve success. First, the careful planning helps to achieve focus on which the […]


gov fund more

It’s highly controversial issue whether government should fund some researches the results of which are unknown to anyone. For one side, the probability that new discoveries come up will rise, on the other hand, some unexpected threats may arise from such researches. However when being implemented and regulated carefully, the positive side will outweigh the […]