Wide knowledge or Specific Major

There are so many people doubting on whether a broad knowledge of many academic sujects take the advantage of specializing in one specific subject. We have to realize the fact that the method of learning is more essential rather than the knowledge itself. As we are in the century full of knoeledge and information, just […]


These days, it is often said that universities should focus more on practicability in jobs after graduation, that was not

These days, it is often said that universities should focus more on practicability in jobs after graduation, that was not regarded so importantly before. Originally, universities were mainly focusing on researches which need long term views, rather than the skills which are directly connected to work for graduates. However, people‚Äôs demand for higher education are […]


New technologies

In these years, the new technologies helped us to find easily information around the word. I completely disagree with this statement, for three principal reasons: the price, the updated news and the save of ink and paper. In first instance, buy a book, a manual or, more in general, material made by paper, is very […]


Spend time indoors or outdoors

In Japan, some people like to spend thier time indoors. However, I definitely prefer to spend leisure time outdoors for the following reasons. First, I like go outside for sun bathing. I can be more energetic when I tan my skin. Actually, It is proved by some researches that sun tannning is good for health. […]


Current or future social problems

It is a divisive issue to spend more on emergency social problems or long time investigation that might be helpful for future. I am personally of the opinion that, although it is important to spend on existing social problems, the possibility of future problems is more important and should be noticed. To begin with, current […]



Nowadays, with the growing trend of publicity, people virtually live in large cities. The issue of whether a zoo has a useful purpose arouses much controversy among people with different social strata. While some people extol the virtue of maintaining animals in zoos, there some others holding the view that there is no useful purpose […]



Scientists and researchers through their researches are always focused to solve the different problems of mankind. Usually, it is common for scientist and researchers to focus their researches in problems that is likely to benefit the greatest number of people; however, it is also important to note that some problems that currently affecting a small […]


both theory and practice

As far as I am concerned, certainly, being practical is virtue, however, it cannot denigrate the value of theoretical aspect of anything. Practice and theory are interwoven with each other and if we try to neglect one and concentrate only on one, it will just prove to be feckless. Let me explain clearly about this […]