Approach to problem-solving

Based on one’s own characters, emotional concerns and even educational backgrounds, different people will reach different answers to the question. However, when it comes to me, I firmly believe that it is a good idea that parent should praise their children for their high grade with money. To better illustrate my point of view, several […]


The importance of higher education

The importance of higher education is self evident. You will have improved career opportunities, experience greater cultural awareness and have a life with more choices and possibilities. Several methods could to used to enable students achieve academic excellence in university. School can invite tutors to offer extra help about school work, family or friends should […]


Live a long ife

It is true that people live longer lives these days in comparison with the past. Of all countless factors which greatly contribute to this phenomenon, these are three conspicuous aspects as follows. The first point I would like to make is that people have got healthy and hectic lifestyles now. This means that they are […]


The best way to travel

Today’s world has become smaller and smaller. We can use different types of transportation which make our travels faster and farther. Travel allow us to visit many places. There are some benefits of traveling in a group with a tour guide. However, it depends on your preferences whether guided tours are the best way to […]


Government funding of the arts

The arts has had an indelible impact on human society. Various forms of art be it dancing, sculpting or pottery are reflections of an individual’s talent. Whether art can flourish with the help of government funding is something that needs to be looked into. A choir group who performs orchestral compositions won’t improve their singing […]