Serious movies

People differ in attitude towards various movies, some like comedy and other relaxing movie, however, others like serious movies which disclose the other side of our society. These movies are all necessary and serve different functions in film industry, but in my part, I prefer serious movies which makes me think. First, most of serious […]


Study alone is better

Studying requires a lot of focus and thinking. To focus on the problem and think deeply, I prefer to be alone. Although group study helps when I prepare for exams since we can divide tasks to cover the areas which will be tested, but to effectively deepen the understanding of the subject, studying alone works […]


The Difference Between Experience and Books

As a student, it’s no exaggeration to assert that textbooks are our holy grail for academic success. No matter false or true, convinced are we academics that the information written in the most mediocre of books require our full attention. The paramount importance it has to us makes sure every detail goes without a complete […]


Imagination as modeling

The statement argues that imagination can be of more use than experience in certain circumstances. I agree with this opinion and recognize extreme importance of fantasy. However, most effectively imagination can be used only with certain amount of experience. Imagination, as the process taking place in the circuits of human brain, can be seen as […]


Satoshi’s experience

I basically agree with this idea looking back on my personal experiences that I had in my lifetime. There seem to be two main reasons for this statement. I personally have gone through a hard time when I was in university. At that time, one of my friends was working for a president for a […]