Make quick decisions

Some people consider that it is not preferable to make decisions quickly, while others think that things go well when people make quick decisions. If asked, both sides would provide logical reasons to support their stances. Personally, I disagree with the statement that the decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. I will explain […]


The extended family

In the past, every family have more than one children, they didn’t have enough time to take care of their children, so the grandparents are always to be the proper person to solve the dilemma. Yet, recently years most of families have only one child, which they prefer to foster themselves. So it is similarly […]


Benefits of long-term, realistic goals

Usually, young people have the necessary drive force to achieve what they desire, they lack the experience and understanding of what it is that they desire. Hence, they should be encouraged to define realistic and long-term goals to their life through proper thinking and time devotion, instead of seeking immediate fame and recognition. While it […]


Field trips matter

With an increasing amount of educational resources becoming available to students, students have more chances to attend field trips. Some people believe field trips are useless because students just play during the process. However, as far as I am concerned, field trips play an important role in students’ education. Attending field trips can improve students’ […]


Work quickly

The increasing pace of the development and growing of our society has introduced a serious question to people, that whether it is better to work quickly and speed up making mistakes or work in a slow pace while guaranteeing everything goes fine. There are considerations or factors that everyone could take into account to investigate […]


Living longer

Without a doubt, people are living longer these days than ever before. While there are many explanations for this phenomenon, I believe that the two most important are advances in science and the fact that people today enjoy manageable working lives. I will explore why I feel this way in the following essay. First of […]


Technology has improved the way we get information

Technology has greatly improved the way we get information. Students can now get more information, get it more quickly, and get it more conveniently. The Internet and the World Wide Web has opened every major library and database to students around the world. Information comes not only in print form, but also in multimedia. You […]


tech and web

Today in this age of globe trotting transport and communication, man is capable of outstanding feats of technology and engineering. everything seems to be touch of a finger away like as if man is caught in a race against clock. with that being said I totally agree with the fact that students can learn more […]


Learn with a teacher or not

Teachers are the individuals that can help someone understand the material. They know their field very well and they are equipped with a lot of knowledge. Others believe that they can study by themselves. I believe that it is better to learn with a teacher because this option provides a number of important advantages such […]