Study skills

We all face a time when we play an important role in solving an issue or a challenge which probably impacts ourselves. As far as I’m concerned, my biggest issue is to improve my overall study skills. When I was six years old, I studied with my friends after school. As young kids, we were […]


My father

I have a 42 years old father. He is short and thin but good looking. He has black hair and black eyes like many other Chinese people.   My grandfather was very poor when my father was young. So my father had to work hard. Now, he has a good job but he still works […]


Museum culture

Visiting museums is an excellent introduction to a new place. When travelers visit museums, they are introduced to that place’s history and culture, and they can easily ask any other questions they have about the place. First, people often visit a new place’s museums to learn about the history of the town, city, or country. […]


Open discussion

“Listen to it then memorize for one week, read it to memorize for one month, look at it to memorize for one year but if you one to understand it for your whole life, do it yourself.” This proverb completely illustrates the importance of actively participating in learning process at classes. In my opinion classes […]


Parents are the best teachers

Who are the best for the children’s education? Different people would have different opinions. Some people may believe that teachers in school are the best. Because students can acquire systematic education in schools. However, as for me, I think that parents are the best teachers for children. First, good education requires that teachers should know […]


The Difference Between Experience and Books

As a student, it’s no exaggeration to assert that textbooks are our holy grail for academic success. No matter false or true, convinced are we academics that the information written in the most mediocre of books require our full attention. The paramount importance it has to us makes sure every detail goes without a complete […]


Make a decision

People sometimes have to make a very significant decision that change their lives. Some people say that they should make such determinants by themselves since they relate directly to them. However, I strongly believe that people should never make an important decision alone. I have some reasons to support my opinion. First and foremost, the […]


Should universities adopt honor codes

While the author claims that all the colleges and universities should adopt honor codes similar to Groveton’s in order to decrease cheating among students, citing that the number of reported cheating cases continuously dropped, and that students claim they are less likely to cheat, she fails to consider the validity of the survey and does […]