There is a lot of people in the world, which makes difficult us to define what qualities are important as a good roommate, but I believe that of the significance as a good roommate is the person who has a better intelligence and follows the rules. In the school life, it will become good opportune […]


Foreign films

It is true that foreign films are more popular in many countries than domestically produced films. There could be several reasons why this is the case, and I believe that governments should promote local film-making by subsidising the industry. There are various reasons why many people find foreign films more enjoyable than the films produced […]


Salaries of professors

Nowadays, the quality of education has been increasingly integral to our lives. Some people believe that universities should increase salaries paid to university professors to enhance this quality, whereas others may disagree. In my view, it is imperative to pay higher remuneration to teachers at universities to improve the quality of education. To begin with, […]


Greater budget on advertising for movies

The author suggests that greater budget on advertising would make more people come to the Super Screen produced movies because the quality of the movies is not to blame. The arguments presented here to support that statement is full with holes and assumptions. First of all, the author assumes that the report from the marketing […]


Money makes the world go round

It is said that money makes the world go round. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work – earning a living, providing for our families and saving for our retirement. Although money no doubt plays a critical role in determining the quality and nature of our lifestyles, in my opinion, the size […]


Doing faster does not mean better

To have a successful community punctuality is important. It doesn’t mean to be hasty or hurry to do things. There is a enough time to do every duties except in emergency situation, so people who rash to do things may lose quality in their actions. Quality is the result of concentration, be hurry result in […]


Quality education

What must be prioritized is that the improvement in teaching productivity is more likely to ensure a quality education than the increment/ increase in teacher’s salaries. Initially, it is assorted and diverse teaching aids, compared with the boost in tutors’ income, that encourage/ enable/ stimulate students to learn efficiently. To be more specific, without doubt, […]



Knowledge and awareness to the world is the constant pursuit to all man. Education is a path to achieve so thereby it is eternally being an issue to talk over. Some voiced that the amount of paycheck of the tutors is closely related to the educational quality of which tutors possibly present. Is that so? […]


Essay about Online taught courses

This is a very flexible topic to argue upon. Both sides of the argument have their own pros and cons, but I would like to argue on that the traditional way of taking class is rather advantageous than disadvantageous. In the following paragraphs, I will be supporting my thesis with some examples and considerations. First […]