The modern society is witnessing a prevailing phenomenon that whether advertising makes people buy things that they don’t need. There is a growing body of view that more and more public tend to buy things through watching advertisements even if it is not necessary, while there is another opinion that some individuals believe that companies […]


Compare the way of your life with that of your parents

World changes so fast that we may not believe it. Science, technology, psychology and medicine are few aspects of life revolution. Different generations experience different situations, hobbies, ideas and customs which is strange and unaccustomed for others. Nor my generation’s way of life neither my parents’ is satisfying for the next generations. First of all, […]


Alternative medicine

Recently, some people shift from taking medicines to trying other ways in order to prevent disease or to relieve from sickness faster. In my opinion, we should be suspicious about the new ways until it is rigorously secured safe and effective scientifically. One of the good points of introducing the new ways of health keeping […]


Palea and Lethos

The author argues that so-called Palean baskets were not uniquely Palean, which seems to be logical at the first glance, but is not persuausive, because of suffering from some flaws that follows. It is not indicated that river whether or not have had the same depth at that time, or there have been other ways […]


Refuting the claim that Palean baskets are not unique to Pal

The passage makes numerous groundless assumptions regarding the origin of the “Palean” baskets. It lacks scientific evidence and the unwarranted assumptions weaken the argument. If these assumptions were proved to be false the argument would completely fall apart. Firstly, it has been assumed that since the woven baskets were found near Palea, they would have […]


Children and adults’ example

Nowadays many people claim that kids study by examining and imitating their parents’ example.Debates regarding the problem of a young generation and its productive upbringing have become crucial.Undoubtedly, this topic of discussion is one of the basic ones in the modern society, as every palpitant social way out. I agree up to the point, but, […]