Human beings always vexed

Modern human beings face a strange paradox; surely we made prominent progress, but we are yet to be free from persistent conundrums of the world. On this basis, some believe the difficulty of the conundrums in these days is more significant, while others contend that the degree of the perplexity does not ultimately differ. I […]


How to be a good boy

Li Hua spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. As a good friend of his, I must do something to help him.   Firstly, I think it’s very important for him to learn lessons well. He should spend most of his time on his study instead of computer games. Secondly, I […]


Study alone

There has been widespread public debate over whether students should study alone or study with a group. In my opinion, although study alone can guarantee more flexible schedules, studying with a group can increase the pace of progress since we can get extra help from group members. In addition, we can enhance our ability to […]


The ability of humans to think for themselves

The above statement suggests that a persons ability to think gets restricted as he relies most of his decisions to be taken by technology. Technology has positives as well as negatives. Technology like IOT, Artificial Intelligence help take decisions on behalf of people. This has helped the mankind progress but has also resulted in some […]


Study alone is better

Studying requires a lot of focus and thinking. To focus on the problem and think deeply, I prefer to be alone. Although group study helps when I prepare for exams since we can divide tasks to cover the areas which will be tested, but to effectively deepen the understanding of the subject, studying alone works […]


Progress is good or bad

Some people may hold the opinion that development is always convenient. However, in my opinion, I agree with the point of view that sometimes progress is not good. My arguments for this stance are listed as follows. First of all, development is not only convenient but also cause some environmental problems. To give an example, […]


Life span

Reviewing among the human history, our species incredibly changed hundreds times faster than other creatures in our ecology. One of the most important one is our life span. Since people used to call a 60 years old person as longevity, we consider 65 years old as the standard of old age nowadays. I believe there […]