Cheese import reduction

The author in the above argument is discussing about increasing profit of a chain of a cheese store in United Satates.He states that their top five best selling cheeses are types domestic cheddar cheese.So,the author assumes that discontinuing imported cheese will increase the profit of the stores. First of all,United States is one of the […]


Governments’ decision

In the statement, the author asserts that the governors should make decisions independently without regarding the willing of people. However, it’s completely misleading, it even could be the Hitler’s accuse for the invasion to Poland and the start of the second World War. The ideology behind this argument is extremely dangerous, hence we need to […]


Manager’s statement

At first glance, the manager’s statement telling that we should concentrate on the state of Urba rather than on the state of Sylva to have more customer of our national newspaper is convincing. However, a careful examination of his claim uncovers that the argument relies on a series of unsubstantiated assumptions, which render it unconvincing […]



Every organisation requires both types of employees i.e those who employees who have experience in their field and those employees who have just started their career. If I were an employer, I would pick employees that have no experience and work at low salary. This is because of the following reasons. First, any employee’s salary […]


Dept Stores

In the business manager’s recommendation, he suggests the department store to reduce the size of the clothing departments and enlarge the home furnishings and household products. He makes the argument on the basis that the average profits have decreased for clothing in the previous three month period while the average profit for household products has […]



This argument make a mistake in reasoning when it refer to pharmaceutical company Perkins Pharmaceuticals. Overall the argument is acceptable especially in the front parts, but the induction of Perkins Pharmaceuticals lack of credulity. Since the number of patients in argument is only ten, it is hard to confirm others. What’s more, the reference of […]


Although some people may have different opinions, I am in favor of the idea that decisions can be made after

Although some people may have different opinions, I am in favor of the idea that decisions can be made after they carefully contemplate them. I want to explain the detailed reasons in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, when making quick decisions, people tend to overlook some important factors which should have been considered in […]


Profit and time

For a businessman time is of the essence. the fact of the matter is when you have an expendable amount of money two types of investments can be made the secure ones and the risky ones. in either case you would hate to loose money. A very handsome amount of money has to be put […]


Invest for protecting money

Most of people in Japan, where i currently live, think that a company should give some money to support the arts. However, I personally think that the company is better to protect the environment for the following reasons. First of all, the company can help Non-profit organization to protect the earth effectively. These days, Non-profit […]