It is common phenomenon that advertisements are modified to be appealing to people by adding false facts in them. In my opinion, this situation is supposed to shut down by government carrying out corresponding law. There are two major disadvantages that can have bad effect on both the company and society. By adding fake information […]



Although the complaint sometimes makes others feel bad, such complaint about a devoided products or services is used to enhance the quality of it. If I had to choose the style, text or oral communication, I would like to complain in person.The reasons for this are that I can easily prepare what I would say, […]


Sartoria clothing insustry is at risk?

While it may be true that most of the respondents are dissatisfied with current clothing prices in the country of Sartoria but the author’s argument does not make a cogent case for the reduction in clothing prices by clothing manufacturers. The author’s argument is rife with holes and assumptions and unwarranted indications to state that […]


Complain about a product or poor service

Nowadays, customer services allow people to announce their opinion about different products. Some writes review online, positive or negative, whereas others complain in person. Each method has its specific advantages and disadvantages which gives the customers opportunities to declare their comments. In my view, writing is better and I have several experiences to talk about […]



Nowadays, environment issue is getting more and more attention than before, the government and the scientists discovered many ways to protect our environment,such as travel by bikes or walk to destination or reuse and recycle materials or even purchase local organic food, personally, I thinks the most way to help protect our environment is through […]


A lot of advertisements are designed to be attractive, even if they are exaggerated or attached false facts on them.

The marketing field is one of the most important aspects of business. As an MBA student I can assert that without marketing, all companies cannot sell even one product. People trend to buy those products with good-looking and some nice and specific words on them. It is reasonable that companies do their best to compete […]


Motorcycle Noise

In the business section of the local newspaper, the author attempts to analyze why a foreign version of a popular product Motorcycle X is not selling well in the US market. Some have suggested that it is due to the fact that the foreign copycat version lacks the exceptionally loud noise made by motorcycle X. […]


Dept Stores

In the business manager’s recommendation, he suggests the department store to reduce the size of the clothing departments and enlarge the home furnishings and household products. He makes the argument on the basis that the average profits have decreased for clothing in the previous three month period while the average profit for household products has […]