Preserve or distroy

Some people think that preserving traditional buildings plays important roles in making unique cultures, while other think that making modern city is important to a city. However, as far as I am concerned, I believe that it is important for the city to preserve the historical places. I feel this way for two reasons, which […]


More or less?

By and large, it is established beyond doubt that education is one of the key essences for achieving prosperity in society. Due to its importance, myriad educational approaches have been conceived and tried, with only a few proved to be comparatively superior than others. One major argument can be made concerning the variety of knowledge […]


Impact of critics

Criticism and critics evolved in the society to serve as a mechanism through which artists can build themselves. For example, in the olden days, kings had advisors to help him rule over his reign. The advisors will point out subtly the king’s flaws and give ideas for the betterment of the kingdom. If the advisors […]


Should government spend money on building new houses

I don’t agree with the statement that govenment should spend more money on building new houses. I think government should spend more money on preserving the historical and traditional house. Three reasons are explained below. Firstly, there are already many newly-built houses and a large number of houses which are being built now. So the […]


Should people preserve old buildings

Whether the city should try to preserve its old, historic building or destroy them? I believe that different people will have different opinions. According to my experiences, I think that we should preserve these old, historic building. I like to use following reasons to explain why I think so. The first and important reason is […]