School sports teams

The financial issues are plaguing our country,and school sports teams are not immune to it.While it is a well-known fact that the financial condition of art club and volunteering club is poor,very little is known about the school sports team suffering.For example, some sports teams have asked team members to bear some of the cost […]


Responsibility as a leader

Since I’ve been a child, I’ve always tried to play a leader rule in games and gather people together to work as a team. Be a leader makes me feel stronger and passionate to handle problems. Leader position is comes with great responsibility. A leader should know well his/her team’s potentials and understand its member […]


What activities should parents do with their kids

When thinking about the issue that what kinds of activities should parents do when they spend time with their kids, different people will have different answers. Maybe some parents believe that they should spend more time helping their children to finish the homework, however, I insist that playing games or doing sports is the better […]


Young children should play more

Nowadays, it is becoming an increasing trend that parents lay great emphasis on their children’s education. However, whether young kids should spend most of their time studying or playing remains controversial. As far as I’m concerned, I believe children deserve more time to play. The reasons go as follow. Firstly, young kids normally aren’t mature […]


How many friends?

The society is made up with many different people, and many different communications between those different people, and you can’t just know or meet a few people to be convenient and enjoyable in daily life of the society absolutely. Therefore, I strongly believe that to make many different and new friends in more important for […]


Study skills

We all face a time when we play an important role in solving an issue or a challenge which probably impacts ourselves. As far as I’m concerned, my biggest issue is to improve my overall study skills. When I was six years old, I studied with my friends after school. As young kids, we were […]


How to be a good boy

Li Hua spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. As a good friend of his, I must do something to help him.   Firstly, I think it’s very important for him to learn lessons well. He should spend most of his time on his study instead of computer games. Secondly, I […]


Where should you live in?

Dear Momo,   I know that you are going to leave Hangzhou, and move to another city. And I think Beijing is a good city for you to live.   Firstly, Beijing has many schools, supermarkets and banks. You can find those places easily. You can choose a good school for your self and when […]


In this modern society, people’s sense of values has been more diverse and people have various opinions with respect to

In this modern society, people’s sense of values has been more diverse and people have various opinions with respect to how we should treat children. Some people argue that children should be required to heip with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so. Others contend that people should not require children […]