Human activities on the Earth

Recent years, people have been more diverse, and they have different opinions as to the effect of human activities on the Earth. Some may thing that our activities have damaged our planet, whereas others believe that human activities have contributed to transforming the plant into better place to live. However, I think that human activities […]


The well-being of a society

I beleive that the well being of a society enhances only upon criticism of its authority. More skeptism better is the scope for improvements. ” Failure is not permenant, feedback is the only way to failure to success.” As more and more people question the authority , there engenders a fear among those in charge […]


Plants for medicine

Thriving of the population in mega cities is creating the demands services. And, subsequently, many jangles are destroyed every year by deforestation. Nowadays, governments manage various schedules to preserve the forests because the plants not only are the habitats of many animals, but also have significant benefits such as providing food, shelter, cover, and drug […]


An important plant

Some people think that the most important plant to themselves is cosmos. However, for me, the most important plant is rose for the following reasons. First of all, rose brings my family happiness. To take an example, when I was 26 years old, I got married. One day, I bought a flower because the day […]



Advancements in the technology made man to lead a better and comfortable life. Inventions that of car , electricity , development in the field of architecture and many more has made earth to loose its natural resources. resources such as fuels , water, plants and animals are limited in quantities and should be used wisely. […]



This arguement concludes that the municipality should build a a plant for burning trash to avoid the serious health threats associated with many landfills,To substantiate the claims ,the author points out that an incinerators can be adopted to produce economic and ecological advantages.However,the line of reasoning is open to doubt in two aspectes. First of […]


Test 040616

Some people may argue that protecting specific species which are on the edge of extinction is not proper because it is unnatural to save species which will extinct as a result of natural selection. They also may state that intervention by human may have bad effect on ecosystem. However, I personally believe that it is […]


Cotton is my prefered plant

Plants have always played a key role over the different centuries . Every country has had a characteristic plant that they specifically rely on in their history. If I am going to choose one characteristic plant that has a massive impact in my country ,I personally would choose the cotton because of the economical benefits,nutritional […]