Un-planned trip

There can be much discussion on whether you like to plan for your leisure or not. Though both have benefits, I prefer no-plan leisure to well-planned leisure. I would like to discuss why I think so using following reasons. First of all, there is no big surprise in the activities if you planned very well. […]


Skills for young people

People are all in the jungle of competition, as a result, people,especially young people, are required to grasp more useful skills and specialties so as to pave the way for career or domestic success. As is generally acknowledged to everyone, with the development and competition of all walks of life, the modern life has become […]


Plan and organize

Life of people are becoming increasingly complex with more and more new concepts as well as emerging techniques. Therefore, the ability to plan and organize for young people seems with greater importance than ever before. I would then examine below the specific reasons for preparing a plan according to which are the most common view […]


Planning activities

Free time is the most precious time for some of us where we can do anything without any interruption. We can fill the free time by doing something useful or maybe we can just waste the time by doing something useless. In my opinion, I prefer to plan activities carefully for my leisure time. I […]


Plan leisure time carefully

Although some people may prefer otherwise, I prefer planning for my leisure time carefully. I want to compare the benefits of both policies and give detailed reasons in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, making plans for our free time activities outweighs not making plans in that plans can broaden the options for what we […]


Although it is a responsibility for the government to try their best to save the lives of their people, we

Although it is a responsibility for the government to try their best to save the lives of their people, we are supposed to make some planning in a right way. The author hold the view that Prunty County should increase lane widths, resurface rough highway, and improve visibility at dangerous intersections like the Butler County […]


My argument

In this argument, the financial planning officer recommends to the Fern Valley University that initiating a fund-raising campaign among the alumni will enable university to expand the range of subject they teach and to increase the size of their library facilities. The conclusion is based on the finding of decreasing number of enrollment and admissions […]