Technology Reserves Cultures

With the development of technology, it is easier for people to live in the world. Some people worried about that modern technology is creating a single world culture because the distinction between different cultures, different countries and different people are gradually disapeearing. However, I think it is not true. There still are various cultures that […]


making plan

When it comes to the issue the importance of planning, some people believe that they can have a better life with planning. However, others maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the former point carries more weight. I take this position on account for the following reasons. To illustrate my position, let […]


Invention of airplanes

In this modern era we are using contemporary tools and equipment. One most important discovery is transportation, especially airplane. People nowadays feel very convenient because of this useful invention. I would like to discuss it’s many benefits in details. In the first place, airplane is fastest way to travel. A man can have launch in […]


Flexible plan

Some people love package tour made by a tour guide. However, as long as I am concerned, I prefer traveling with only my friends. In this essay, I will give two reasons to support my opinion. First, you can go wherever you want. For example, I have been to Italy in a group. The plan […]


Travel alone

I disagree with the statement that the best way to travel is to be in a group led by an experienced tour guide. Following a tour guide is the most popular way to travel. Some people consider that it is dangerous to visit a place they have never been. Some people think that traveling with […]


Test essay

The argument that this warning system will virtually solve the problem of midair plane collisions omits some important concerns that must be addressed to substantiate the argument. The statement that follows the description of what this warning system will do simply describes the system and how it operates. This alone does not constitute a logical […]