Should medical doctors have the authority to prescribe placebo pills to their patients

we strongly OPPOSE this motion that would authorize medical doctors to prescribe placebo pills to their patients. We consider that the deception that goes with prescribing placebo is absolutely unethical and unacceptable. We, in the opposition team, believes that in no circumstances doctors can deliberately lie to patients. Our second point is equally strong, related […]


Growing Solacium

In this argument, the author concludes that farmers now should begin growing Solacium to reap potential financial benefits. To support the conclusion, the arthor cites evidence that users of Solacium reported tension relief and college students taking pills containing one of the ingredients in Solacium suffered less anxiety. The line of reasoning sounds somewhat plausible […]


analysis of an argument

The author concludes that farmers in this country should begin growing Solacium to earn profit because Solacium has a promising market. Research shows that college students who took pills containing one of the ingredients suffered less anxiety. However, the argument is not convincing if we consider the following reasons. First, the author based on the […]


Farmers should grow Solacium

In the argument, the author concludes that the farmers in the US should begin growing Solacium, the medicinal herb. He bases his conclusion on certain insufficient premises, such as, people in Asia, where the herb is grown, feel less anxious after taking pills which contained Solacium felt anxiety levels go down. Also, that the herb […]


Framers should grow Solacium

The author of the article mentions to reap the finanacial benefits farmers should begin growing Solacium, a medicinal herb that has proved to relive tension and promotes deep sleep. The author also mentions, a recent study conducted were college students who tok pills containing one of the ingredentis of Solacium suffered less anxiety. The article […]


When it is time for pension?

The problem of retirement is popular topic for many discussions nowadays. The majority of employers do not want to have elderly people working, thus many people become unemployed before retirement. On the other hand, some professions allow people work until pension, however the quality of work they do suffer very much. In my opinion, retirement […]


Is the antibiolics treatment?

In this letter, the author asserts that people who are diagnose with muscle strain would take antibiotics as part of their treatment, that makes the patients recovered sooner than the patinets who do not take antibiotics. To support his conclusion, the author cite a study that patients treated by Dr. Newland. and took antibiotics regular […]