Playing computer games

Nowadays in Japan, where I live, many people believe that playing computer games has tangible benefits, and that children should not be prevented from using them. However, for the following reasons, it is my firm belief that we should impose restrictions on the availability and use of video games because the time spent on them […]


The dominance of black people in US sport

Racial constitution has been more diverse in the United States, and black people have obtained the social status as the part of heterogenious community. In particular, their perofomance in the sports is outstanding and has been the dominant in the US sport. I think that this situation attributes to the physiological factor rather than sociological. […]


Stay healthy

Nowadays, after enormous progress of medical knowledge, there is a hot debate about different ways to stay healthy. Although practitioners inform people to follow these simple rules, they do not pay attention so the rate of diseases are higher than past decades. As a pharmacist, I noticed that some small changes can make a huge […]


Physical fitness

The author has made a statement related to statistics in Corpora region that 20 years ago one half of the poulation was fit and now it has reduced to one quarter. Then he states the assumtion made by the board. He refutes with counter example that fitness levels were high where usage of computers were […]


Get up early

Researchers have demonstrated that staying awake until late leads to some irreparable damage to human brain whereas the others believe that we can lessen the impacts of damage by sleeping daylong. However, I personally prefer to get up early. My essay will outline three main reasons. In the first place, it has proven that once […]