Who is the best for be a roommate

Having roommate is a unique experience which everyone should try it once in his/her life. There are a lot of benefits to have a roommate but it also may involve you with struggles too. A good roommate should meet some minimum requirements to decrease any stresses in roommate time duration. Everyone has its specifics characteristics, […]


Communication between people

Nowadays, with the boost of modern technology, various forms of communication have sprung up and changed our lives significantly. Particularly, the widespread of telephones and email greatly enhances the interaction between people. Nevertheless, this advance also makes communication between people less personal. In the earlier time, in order to contact others, people tend to write […]


Personal communication

Telephones and e-mails have enabled us to communicate without facing directly each other. Those technologies improved and changed the relationship between people because they could not transmit their personal information to others in the far distance in the past. However, I can not agree with the statement completely because another technology, social network service (SNS), […]


External influence and inner deficiency

Ever since the accelerated development of human civilization, the discovery of human itself has become a hot issue. There is a widely saying goes, though human now have the ability to control their own life, they tend to spend more of the time on personal enjoyment rather than what the society need them to do, […]


Life is short

How fast should we do something? This is a controversial issue and there are two possible attitudes toward it. Some state that we should do everything as soon as possible, while others mention that we do not have to hurry. I think this answer depends on personal experience, personality type, and emotional concern, but as […]


The role of school or college in cultivating students

The statement is flawed due to its downplaying the role of school or college in cultivating students, as far as I am concerned. It’s reasonable to associate personal discipline with great significance concerning learning knowledge, but there are still considerable students lacking motivation in need of timely and appropriate guidance from their teachers as well […]


Bruce Lee is my hero

There are a lot of athletes throughout history. Each one has its unique characterisitcs and abilities but I like hardworking ones. One the most hardworking athletes was Bruce Lee. He is my hero not only in sport but also in personal life and ethics. Bruce Lee started his career when he was in school. He […]


Indiana University-Bloomington

Years ago the first time I heard of Indiana University-Bloomington from the mouth of a senior, the name of this distinguished university has rooted in my mind. Gradually, as more and more schoolmates in my high school become candidates of the Indiana University-Bloomington, I win more chances to further comprehend both the culture and advantages […]


Games teachs or not

There is no shortage of debates about what people learn by playing games and each view has its own strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I am of the opinion that we can develop our skills through virtual games, which are effective in our real life. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will […]


Choosing a major

In this day and age, whether it is beneficial for student to choose major needed in job market, lead a heated discussion. Undeniably, job is significant for our lives, it’s our major needed by market that enable us to reach and adjust different works quickly.However, have my eyes on the future.the major in which we […]