Foley College

The author in the above argument is discussing about student enrollment issue in an arts college ,named as Foley College.He suggests that promising jobs after graduation from Foley college would compete the college from other well named schools.Futhermore,he assumes that choosing a career path during first year of college along with a promised job after […]


Playing computer games

Nowadays in Japan, where I live, many people believe that playing computer games has tangible benefits, and that children should not be prevented from using them. However, for the following reasons, it is my firm belief that we should impose restrictions on the availability and use of video games because the time spent on them […]


Re-electing Adams

The argument that re-electing Adams will ensure a proven leadership in improving the state’s economy omits some important concerns that must be addressed to substantiate the argument. The advertisement simply describes the performance of a small portion of the economy, the opinion of the respondents towards Adam in a poll and the contradiction between Adam […]



Entertainment is an essential factor in human’s daily life, and witnessing big events is the most common way to relax. Some people prefer watching such events on television since it’s more economical and convenient. However, watching events on TV can never be as enjoyable as attending a live performance. First, by attending a live performance, […]


The world now and 50 years ago

Undoubtedly, the world of today has already changed a lot, because of the development of technology and science, which brings people plentiful conveniences. However, there are also something constant in the world compared with that in the world of 50 years ago. Therefore, I could hardly agree more with the statement that grandparents can give […]


Work three days a week for long hours

Adults are supposed to have a job, whether we like it or not, to earn a living. We can though have a wide spectrum of job to choose: different job positions, different working time and different working locations. It is not uncommon that people’s choices vary, and for me, I prefer a job requiring me […]


Acedemic success of college students

Recently, the issue of academic success of college students has been doing the rounds on social media and triggered a heated debate. Educators has put forth many ways to help student succeed in their academic performance, such as tutors’ instruction, encouragement from family and friends as well as outstanding education in the high school. As […]


Young persons

There are certain considerations or factors that everyone can take into account to investigate and examine necessary abilities for young persons. I certainly agree that youngsters ought to have the capability to plan and arrange. Someone can consciously weigh the pros and cons of each side. The explanations go as follows. Firstly, it can contribute […]


Education for children

Education for children at a very young age has been payed tremendous amount of attention by parents and is always an important issue that parents should take care of. Some of those parents have come up with several unique ideas to make their kids’ performance better. Of all the performance of children, grades they attain […]