Temple of the Reclining Buddha

During the holidays, I visited an interesting and peaceful place, Temple of the Reclining Buddha. My eyesight was firstly caught by the blooming winter sweets planting on both sides of the thin dirt path. Stood under the grey sky, silence surrounded me. I enjoyed the peaceful feeling the temple gave me. Walking down the path, […]


Women and men

There were always discussions and disputes about the nature of men and women. People say that women are considered as a “weak gender”, while men are considered as a “strong gender”, which is clearly understandable. I somehow agree with the statement that women are more peaceful than men. As I think everything depends on a […]


Rommate features?

Nowadays, accommodation is one the most significant aspects of our life. Sometimes we should inevitably need to live with a roommate. But the important question is what kind of equalities is appropriate for a roommate in order to satisfy us to have happy times with him/her. I will try explain below the two basic feature […]


Desire place to visit

Let’s assume that one visitor would like to visit one place then which place we should sujjest?. Answer of this question should be ‘rani ki vav’ which located in to patan Gujarat. I have holding this opinion because of following three reasons. Rani ki vava is one ancient place to visit and my favourite visiting […]


Scandals are useful

Conflicts and scandals are an inseparable part of our lives. As a reason can be anything, from political problems to the social lives of celebrities. There is an opinion that scandals help us concentrate on problems that we would never do otherwise. Even though the claim may sound really true, I personally think that there […]